Privacy Policy

Wolters Kluwer Nederland BV (hereinafter referred to as “Wolters Kluwer”) values and respects your privacy. We have drafted this Privacy Policy to explain to you why we may process personal data and how your privacy is protected when you visit our website or contact us in any other way.

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Wolters Kluwer reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. You can always find the applicable version on the Wolters Kluwer website. The last version of the Privacy Policy was most recently revised in February 2019.

1) Processing your personal data by Wolters Kluwer

Visiting our website

By visiting our website, you may automatically provide us with some technical information transferred by your web browser. This automatic transfer (contrary to a form you consciously fill out) typically includes the following categories of data:

  • public IP address of your device;
  • requested page and time;
  • ‘user agent’ information, which typically includes information such as your operating system and browser type, version and language.


These kinds of data are necessary to enable you to access the website (such as your IP-address), or to correctly load its content (such as ‘user agent’ information). This processing is based on your consent (because you chose to access our website), and our legitimate interest to enable you to properly access and use our website and its features. We may also process such data for our legitimate interest to safeguard the security of our website, to find and fix bugs, and to make other improvements.


The aforementioned (technical) data, may be stored for a period that is reasonable for the purposes described above. Such data is normally stored for no longer than one month. An exception may apply if we are legally required to store this data (for example if we are legally compelled to do so by a competent authority), or if we need it as proof (for example of an attempt to compromise the security of our website).


Contacting us and requesting services or information from us

We publish our contact details and a contact form on our website, to enable you to contact us with a question or request for a demo. In this case, any information that is provided by you is used to respond to your question or request. This information often includes identification and contact information (e.g. first and last name, email address, phone number and job title).


We process your request and correspondence with you for as long as the correspondence is ongoing. Individual personnel members of ours may store correspondence with you on the basis that they are also a data subject in the correspondence.



Contracting and provision of services

When you (on behalf of your organisation) proceed to request, purchase and/or use any of our products and/or services, further information may be requested from you or your organisation (such as bank account information and other information for invoicing and payment). In this case our grounds for processing are the proper execution of a contract or taking steps prior to entering into a contract with you or your organisation.


When we provide our products and/or services to you, we may process other relevant information, such as:

  • Login information related to your user account: (user) name, e-mail address, password, security question and answer, connection times, etc.;
  • Complaints or feedback via our support channels on your Wolters Kluwer experience, comments, suggestions, testimonials and any other feedback.


The information mentioned in this paragraph will be processed by us as long as is necessary for a proper execution of the contract or compliance with legal (tax) obligations. For example: we will process login information and such until our contractual obligation to provide services has ended and we will process invoices for a period of 7 years in order to comply with Dutch tax law.


Job applications

Should you apply for a job at Wolters Kluwer, then we will process all the information you provide us with. This may include:

  • Information regarding your identity, such as: first name, last name and photo.
  • Contact information, such as: address, e-mail address and telephone number.
  • Information regarding your career: completed studies, previous employers, other work experience and other relevant (extracurricular) activities.
  • Other personal information, such as: special skills, hobbies and interests.


Our legal grounds for processing your information in the context of your application for a job with us are your consent, taking actions at your request before entering into a contract with you, and our legitimate interest to assess your application in order to decide whether to hire you.


Your application (and the information therein) is stored for 4 weeks after the application process has ended. This enables us to contact you if our first candidate proves unsuitable during a trial period. If you have given us permission to store your data for a longer period, we may store your data for up to 1 year after the application process has ended.


 2) Sharing of personal data by Wolters Kluwer

Wolters Kluwer may share your personal data with its parent companies, sister companies and subsidiaries within its group. Furthermore, personal data may also be shared with partners, suppliers or other agents of Wolters Kluwer when processing by such third parties is reasonably necessary in relation to the activities mentioned under paragraph 1. If we need to engage any external party to process your personal data, we make sure that party agrees to the necessary data protection obligations in order to protect your personal data.

3) Your rights

The GDPR provides you with the following rights:

  • You always have the right of access to and/or correction of your personal data processed by Wolters Kluwer.
  • You are also entitled to have us delete your personal data from our systems and/or restrict us from executing certain processing activities.
  • When we process your information based on your consent, then you always have the right to revoke such consent.

If you want to execute any of your legal right, please contact us by using the contact details listed at the bottom of this Privacy Policy. In order to prevent that somebody pretending to be you can get access to your data or get us to erase or change it, we may ask you to provide proper proof of your identity.

We may not be able to provide our products or services to you and your organisation, or keep you adequately informed about these, without processing some of your personal data. If you revoke your consent while consent is not the only legal basis for processing your information, we may continue our processing if this is necessary and justified on another legal basis.

If you have any complaints about our processing of your personal data, we will do our absolute best to help you quickly and effectively. In accordance with the GDPR, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the national supervisory authority responsible for the protection of your personal data.


4) Security

To optimally protect your personal data, Wolters Kluwer takes appropriate measures and applies best practices to prevent loss, misuse, disclosure, unauthorised access or alteration of your personal data. For example:

  • Our hosting provider is ISO 27001 certified;
  • Laptops and phones of our employees are password-protected and encrypted;
  • Our physical premises is secured using measures such as access chips;
  • Access to data and systems is restricted on need-to-know basis;
  • Online data transfer is protected using Transport Layer Security (TLS) technology.

5) Minors (children under the age of 16)

Wolters Kluwer never knowingly collects or processes personal data of minors without permission of a parent or guardian, which must be given to use the services, (mobile) websites, apps, etc., of Wolters Kluwer. If personal data of minors should however be processed in good faith, Wolters Kluwer will delete them from its files as soon as possible after having been informed of this.

6) Contact details

If you have any questions about your privacy or about this Privacy Policy, you can contact us by using the following contact details:

Company name:             Wolters Kluwer Nederland B.V.


Address:                            Jollemanhof 8, floor 1, 1019GW, Amsterdam, The Netherlands