Legal SmartDocuments significantly reduces effort and risk associated with drafting contracts and legal documents. We provide an interactive platform that enables automated contract and legal document creation using certified templates that you manage for your law firm or company. Legal SmartDocuments helps you to reduce or eliminate the delays, costs, and risks associated with manually creating documents.

Template management made easy

Create and maintain a library of Word-based templates for contracts and other legal departments, without the need of a programmer or the IT department.

Increase productivity

Eliminate repetitive tasks and deliver drafts quicker with dialogue-driven questionnaires that automatically fill in the empty fields of your templates.

Mitigate risk

Reduce errors and improve compliance with your company standards by standardising contract language and permissions.

Reduce costs

"Do more with less". Improve efficiency and make better use of resources.

Professional template and clause management
Dialogue-driven creation of complex documents
Flexible, intuitive and secure Word templates

Efficiency with shared smart tools

After a short training with our experts, you will be able to create MS Word-based templates for any type of legal document used across your organisation and maintain them in a single, central library.

Quickly review and save changes in the template - without the need of a programmer or your IT department - and ensure everyone is always using the correct version.

Even the most complex legal documents are in your control

For Legal Departments

Reduce the hassle and risks typically associated with manual contracts and legal document creation across the entire organisation.

For Law Firms

Law firms use Legal SmartDocuments to optimise their time so they can deliver distinctive client service and increase partners' profits.

All the benefits of digitisation without the IT-hassle

Take full advantage of Microsoft Word

With Legal SmartDocuments you can continue using the same tools you use today. Document templates are based on Microsoft Word - so in just a few days, you can share a complete template library with your organisation.

No programming skills needed

Legal SmartDocuments is easy to use and doesn't require programming skills or expensive training. Users simply select a template, use the Q&A forms to complete the facts and generate a new document at the touch of a button.